Lying Lieberman
“I want Democrats to be back in the majority in Washington and elect a Democratic president in 2008.”

-Sen. Joe Lieberman during his 2006 reelection campaign

This morning’s headlines:

Lieberman endorses McCain

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, trying to mount a comeback in his presidential bid, on Monday won the endorsement of independent Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, a former Democratic vice presidential nominee.

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And to think this guy was once the Vice Presidential candidate for the Democratic party!

12 Responses to Liar!

  1. dave491 says:

    When I heard this, I immediately assumed he was making a bid for the VP spot.

    dave491’s last blog post..Locals in the CD101 Big Room During Andyman-a-thon

  2. Scott says:


    I think you’re right. And a McCain-Lieberman ticket might appeal to many Republicans and Independents, but I for one would never vote for the man. He has shown he is disloyal and a liar.

  3. Crail says:

    A sizeable majority of politicians are liars; but some are more so than others. Joe has moved to the top of the pile. Pile? That is left to your imagination. šŸ˜‰

    Crail’s last blog post..Work

  4. DJ says:

    Lieberman on any ticket would kill it for a lot of Dems – myself included. He could be on my mother’s ticket and I wouldn’t vote for her…

    DJ’s last blog post..Are you a manager?

  5. Howard says:

    As long as there are humans, there will be power mongering. This may sound disillusioning, but I believe that most politicians do what they do merely for their own job security and their constituents tend to shift ever downward on the priority list. Or am I just jaded?

    One thing is for sure, this certainly sounds like the true definition of flip-flopping.

    Howard’s last blog post..Favorite Albums Of 2007: #10 & #9

  6. Andrew says:

    Thankfully, in 2012 when Lieberman is up for re-election again (assuming he runs again) and we won’t need him for our majority. We will make gains in 2008, 2010 looks promising as well (most of the incumbents in the marginal states have been entrenched and will hold the seat as long as they want) so come 2012, we will have our filibuster proof majority hopefully and we can kick his ass out of the caucus.

  7. Andrew says:

    Oh, and, he is endorsing his Homeland Security Republican counter-part Susan Collins in Maine and has done a fundraiser for her! Not only is he endorsing a Republican in chamber (shouldnt he be wanting a larger majority for his party to enjoy) but fundraising for her! Kick his ass out after this next election if we dont need him.

  8. David says:


    David’s last blog post..Best. Fucking. Play.

  9. Alexander says:

    Whenever that wanker comes on television I envision his head exploding, ala “Scanners.” And even then I think it would be too good an end to that traitor to the Constitution.

  10. David says:

    That quote of Lieberman’s, did he see that before or after the Democrats threw him under the bus?

  11. John says:

    Would I vote for him if he was the VP nominee with McCain. Possibly. Why possibly you ask? I will vote for ANYONE other than Hillary. You want to talk about panderer and liar.

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