It Just Won’t Stop

I heard about this on The Stephanie Miller Show yesterday and then saw it on Planet Voenix as well.  It’s another one that’s too good not to share:

If you’ll notice, I bit my tongue (boy did I have to bite it hard!) and refrained from writing a post of my take on the whole Sen. Tappy McWidestance incident since it was everywhere in the media and blogosphere. That’s doesn’t mean that I’m going to avoid mocking the whole thing mercilessly.  This here, along with the SNL commentary, is a keeper!

2 Responses to It Just Won’t Stop

  1. johnScott says:

    Dear God… that’s SO bad, it IS funny! (I’m on heavy cold medication right now, so, damn near ANYTHING is funny..)

  2. The Hermit says:

    I love it…. thanks for making me laugh so early in the morning….


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