Would You Ever Pay For Sex?

This may seem a strange topic, but it popped into my head the other day.

Would you ever pay for sex?

My guess is that most of you are saying no reasoning ‘why pay for something you can get for free.’  Fair enough, so let’s talk about water for a minute.

"Water?  What’s that got to do with paying for sex?"
  Bear with me and I’ll explain.

Although water is (more or less) free, I still pay for bottled water.  Why?  Well, although it may not necessarily be healthier, the bottled water I buy tastes a hell of a lot better than the tap water here in Phoenix.  That means I am apt to drink more of it which is healthier for me.  I also enjoy the convenience of the sealed bottle.  I can load them up in my fridge in on their side if I need to, and the bottles make it easy for me to grab cold water to take with me in my car or wherever I go.  With tap water, I have to fill up my own bottle which often might leak and isn’t very cold unless I’ve remembered to fill up a pitcher and put it in the fridge.  (For the record I do recycle my plastic water bottles to minimize the environmental impact, but this isn’t a discussion about being green.)

So to boil it down (pardon the pun), I buy bottled water because it provides me a better overall experience (e.g. taste) and convenience. 

Now let’s apply that to sex.  I have no doubt that you, my loyal readers reader, can go out and find someone to have sex with for free.  But what if by paying for the sex, you could have a premium sexual experience? 

Imagine that you could hire a person that physically you find extremely attractive?  For the charge you pay, you also can arrange a date and time as well as place, be comforted in knowing that the person will be clean and disease-free, and be assured that your sexual needs will be met.  That to me sounds a whole lot better than spending time trying to find someone who may or may not have a STD and might be into things sexually that you’re not comfortable with.

So why not pay for sex?  Oh yes… the morality issue.

"Sex should only be for procreation."  "Sex should only be with someone you love."  "Sex should only be between married couples."

My guess is that you, my loyal blog readers reader, have probably had sex outside those conditions regardless of how good or moral you are.  That’s because, unlike what the religious right would have you believe, sex is natural and sex is fun.  (Wait a minute; did I just quote a George Michael song there?)  We have sexual desires because it’s part of our human biology.  While sex with someone you love is fantastic, sex just for fun can be incredible too.  Despite the American psyche, sex is not something to be afraid or fear.

"But it’s immoral to buy sex!"

It is?  According to who?  Your religious values?  Well my values tell me that’s immoral for you to buy a gas-guzzling Hummer to drive around town when a smaller, more efficient vehicle would serve you just fine.

So I’ll ask you again: would you ever pay for sex?

Now I suspect that many people will miss the point of this post.  This post is not about legalizing prostitution (although I think it should be)It’s about examining what you believe and why.  Why do you believe what you do?  If you want to grow and develop as a person, you shouldn’t be afraid to scrutinize your principles.  You may come away with a deeper understanding of your values system.  It’s ok to believe what you do, but you should comprehend why.  Unfortunately too many people today, particularly Americans, let their political and moral beliefs be handed to them by others: their parents, their religion, or the talking heads on TV.  They don’t think for themselves.

And that, my friends, is truly immoral.

DISCLAIMER: I am not advocating that you go out and pay someone for sex.  In most places, prostitution is illegal.  If you don’t agree with a law, work to change it.  Don’t break it.  Furthermore I want to clarify that I myself am not currently wanting to pay anyone for sex.  I am completely happy in my relationship with Buckaroo.  In our eleven plus years together, I have never had sex with anyone but him.

(This is the post I wrote yesterday that I completely lost.  I hope it was worth the wait.  And yes, I’m totally stealing Bossy’s technique of highlighting individual blog readers.)

37 Responses to Would You Ever Pay For Sex?

  1. Steve says:

    Nope, never, ever, ever! Even when I’m 101 year’s old.

  2. Lucky Pierre says:

    I got paid once. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. I felt awful at first, but I took the money. I was 20, in college, and confused. Would I pay for it? Maybe.

  3. Interesting, but I think there is a flawed premise in your post. That is, that retail sex will be satisfactory.

    For me, there would be other factors in play that I think would, by definition, make it an unsatisfactory experience. For instance, scratch out the possibility that he could be The One (unless you’ve convinced yourself you’re Richard Gere in Pretty Woman). And I could never be comfortable knowing that he’s a paid performer, and more likely to be doing math equations in his head to prolong the experience than expressing genuine interest in me.

    But that’s just me. I don’t judge. Much.

  4. Steve says:

    And I make my statement so adamantly because:

    I don’t objectify people’s bodies; which is what money signifies to me. I’m into making love, not just having sex. I don’t judge those who do pay for sex; I’m sure they have their reasons. But for me, it’s degrading/controlling another human being.

  5. atari_age says:

    If I had plenty of spare money AND the guy was just super-exactly the type of guy I’m into, I would totally consider it. And yeah, it’d just be sex for the sake of it. I mean it’s no different than a lot of guys (myself included) do in other venues (meeting at a bar, go to his place, have fun, may or may not call again), so what’s the difference if I paid? Seriously, what’s the difference?

    Now, if there were all sorts of stipulations and prohibitions about what we can do, then even with the hottest guy, I’d reconsider. I’d still want sex that I liked having. It would also be more difficult if I felt that paying was the ONLY way I could have sex. I wouldn’t like that much at all. But barring those two things, and of course, being rich, I got no problems with it.

  6. TED says:

    Morally, it’s a pretty easy question. I expect to pay for sex when I’m in my fifties. Actully, I’m more likely to try to make my partner buy it for me, maybe as a birthday present, but I think that’s the sane thing, really.

    But there are problems. As FARB says, just because a guy looks hot doesn’t mean that he’s going to be great in the sack. If you’re the sort of guy who’s extremely turned on by a hot body, regardless of performance, then that’s not such an issue. And there are websites that provide listings and ratings of escorts, so there are ways to help ensure that you’re going to get a quality sexual experience.

    Also, if (like me), a significant part of your sexual pleasure comes from making your playmate ecstatic, then your pleasure is likely to be diminished if you know that the guy’s performing for cash. You can get around that one, too, though, since there do appear to be escorts who legitimately enjoy their clients.

    Still, the water analogy doesn’t (sorry) hold water. If your Phoenix water was really good, you probably wouldn’t pay for bottled water. If I can (and I can) get really good sex for free, paying doesn’t make a lot of sense. Lots of people, especially those who fetishize youth, can’t get the sex they want for free, and if they’re willing to pay, then why should anyone try to stop them?

  7. Layne (CA Blue) says:

    I’ve been paid, wouldn’t do it again. Would I pay? Yes and I have. I think of it like this: Sometime you want a gourmet meal that you can linger over and other times you just want to pull up the the Jack-in-the-Box drive up window, place you order, pay your money and go.

  8. Denny says:

    It’s funny that you make the analogy between paying for bottled water and paying for sex because it reminds me of a quote Ice-Cube made once in a movie he starred in with Elizabeth Hurley called Dangerous Ground.

    In the film, Cube stated that two things a man should never have to pay for, water and sex.

    Personally I don’t have a problem with paying for sex, specifically with the scenario you described. Thankfully I get enough action that I’ve never been forced to do it but if two people want to have sex and the sex was so good that the guy wants to pay for it, they should be able to.

    It’s more honest than many marriages out there. Think of the countless gold digging bimbos who marry the rich old men just to get a fur coat and fancy cars. That’s prostitution right there.

    At least the escorts and johns are honest and upfront about it.

    I couldn’t agree more with your stance and this is a most excellent post.

  9. Skinski says:

    Very valid points .

  10. Scott-O-Rama says:

    This post wasn’t really to be about prostitution per se, but since a lot of you have left great comments about the pro’s and con’s of paying for sex, I thought I would share my arguments for legalizing prostitution.

    If prostitutions was legalized:

    -There could be regulations enacted to ensure sex workers are regularly checked for HIV and STD’s. This would not only protect the clients, but also help with early detection and treatment for the prostitutes.

    -Police hours spent fighting prostitution could be spent elsewhere. Since prostitution is currently illegal, many other crimes such as drug abuse and trafficking often are tied up with it. Imagine how that might change if sex workers were required to submit to drug testing to be in the business?

    -It would help protect the prostitutes from violence from their clients and pimps. Today they don’t come forward to report the abuse because it might reveal them as a prostitute. If it was legalized, a much closer relationship between prostitutes and law enforcement could be forged. It would follow that client would be less likely to commit a violent act against the prostitute if they knew it would/could be reported.

    -It could be taxed providing additional funding for (hopefully) our schools.

    -It might help clean up seedy red light districts. No longer a covert activity, prostitutes wouldn’t have to resort to back alleyways and parked cars. Zoning laws could ensure that the sex activity was not allowed near schools, etc.

    -It might help prevent rape. I fully believe rape is wrong, but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand it. Guys in particular have very strong sexual urges. If they are given a legal option to fulfilling their sex needs, it might help prevent them from ever committing a rape.

    -It might help strengthen some marriages. If a spouse is unable to fulfill the sexual needs of their partner for whatever reason, the couple could seek the services of a sex worker as a legal alternative. This could allow spouses’ to be open with each other rather than resorting to affairs.

    Now I’m not naive enough to believe that the sun will come out, the sky will become bluer, and the birds will all start singing if prostitution is legalized. I know there will still be problems. I do think though there will be significantly less problems under a legalized system though.

    As for what FARB and others said about paying for sex being no guarantee for being sexually satisfied, I agree. That’s where the free market and competition come in. Under legalized prostitution, sex workers would have to compete with each other and previous client satisfaction would be important. Escorts who were taking care of their clients would get more business as if they didn’t, it wouldn’t be nearly as hard for the client to find a new escort.

    Anyway, that’s my 2¢ on the topic. Feel free to share yours.

  11. Howard says:

    I actually agree with you Scott that it — like pot — should be legalized and then if we tax the heck out of them, I think then we could “afford” to give our poorer children health care (yes, I just dragged that issue into this).

    My overall thought though is that if it’s something someone wants to do it and it doesn’t hurt anyone, then it’s no one else’s freakin’ busy to begin with.

    My guess is that you, my loyal blog reader, have probably had sex outside…

    Yes, I have. 🙂

  12. TED says:

    Legalizing prostitution might have some marginal benefits, but the fact that prostitution is illegal in the first place is more a symptom than a cause. This country’s (and perhaps other countries’, as well) puritanical attitude towards sexuality causes a host of problems that will only be resolved when we decide that a) sex is a good and healthy thing and b) what happens between consenting adults is nobody else’s business. If the attitudes change, then the laws will change. I think that sexuality is such a big part of our psyche (more than many are willing to admit) that repressing it to a point of unhealthiness will always have terrible consequences.

    If we lived in a society where no shame attached either to wanting sex or to asking for it, then I think many, many people would be a lot happier. Simply legalizing prostitution, though, wouldn’t necessarily make it much less shameful.

    By the way, it doesn’t really stand to reason that there are very many of people who won’t pay for sex because it’s illegal but who will nonetheless rape someone (which, I’m pretty sure, is also illegal and usually carries a much harsher penalty). I’m not sure that rape is caused by unrelieved horniness or that many rapists are standing around saying, “You know, I’d go get some on the corner, but I don’t want to break the law.”

  13. Todd says:

    I enjoy the company of a hot paid man by my side every once in a while…….being partnered for a # of years the need to have something new, hot and discreet is sometimes to hard to pass up! The only problem is sometimes, especially here in the Phoenix area the pickens are not always as bountiful as in other metro areas.

  14. Dave S. says:

    Be gentle with me, because I have a different take on this than everyone that’s commented so far…

    I believe that sex (or making love, or whatever words you want to use to call it) is a highly emotional and deeply spiritual act. And I’m definitely one that doesn’t take it lightly. It goes *so* much deeper than the act itself and it would take something away from my very being if I acted as though it were anything less. So, no, I wouldn’t pay for sex. I believe it would cost me far more than the money spent.

  15. Scott-O-Rama says:

    Dave S.-

    Fair enough and well said. I respect you for your beliefs.

    I believe that sex can be what you describe below, but I also believe it can be just sex.

  16. Brett says:

    Here here! A well-put argument for challenging our moral conceptions.

    Actually, I did pay for sex a long time ago. I was a confused lad not sure about this whole gay thing and decided one way to kow for sure was to, well, have sex with a man. Not knowing anything about bathhouses (even NZ had one or two in the early 90s), I found me a hooker called Kevin in one of the local newspapers. Apart from being a thoroughly enjoyable experience, it helped remove all doubt about my sexuality.

    By the way, I think you may have inadvertently built a case for prostitution being green/environmentally friendly…

  17. yani says:

    I’ve paid for sex on four separate occasions… twice on vacations in other cities and twice here at home. The two “away games” were infinitely more satisfying than the two “home games”… like any other casual sexual experience you never quite know how it’s going to work out until you get down to business. The second escort I hired while I was away was exactly what I wanted and needed at the time, so much so that I ended up emailing the agency to thank them (and him). Other occasions haven’t always worked out that well.

    So obviously I have no issue with paying for sex or prositution in general (although having worked in the criminal court system some years back, I will say that straight men don’t seem to be especially fussy about who or what they stick their business in), but I also agree that it should be legal (although only for the first two reasons Scott mentioned in his comment above, I think the other reasons will happen whether prostitution is legal or not).

  18. BOSSY says:

    Wow, it’s getting deep over here all of the sudden. No sexual pun intended. Well, maybe a little. And Scott – you can steal anything you want from Bossy – except her coffee. And her Vermont maple candy.

  19. urspo says:

    i always pay for sex, in one way or another.

  20. vuboq says:

    In my opinion, we all pay for sex, just not necessarily with cash/check/credit card. It’s like this weird, sometimes subtle, barter system. I’m probably not making any sense, but *I* understand what I’m trying to say.

  21. JdEB says:

    Hmmm…another interesting Scott Topic. Okay, forget the idea of paying for or being paid for sex – I mean REALLY how Victorian ARE we Americans in our views of an activity that’s been going on for literally BILLIONS of years? I don’t think that it’s immoral or wrong to pay for sex…it’s a commodity just like soybeans or sugar – let the market open.
    As for the idea of what I “believe” I think that we need to get our heads out of our asses about Our Belief System. When I was a kid I believed that Captain Kangaroo lived in a place called the Treasure House and his friends Dancing Bear and Bunny Rabbit were real. Mr. Greenjeans really wore green jeans, and that ping pong balls really fell from the sky when the Captain said something wrong. But now I realize that Bob Keeshan and Lumpy Brannum were actors, and that the bear and rabbit were puppets with some guys hand up their butt. I no longer “believe” in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny and think that although these things have their place as to explaining a complex idea to young minds that can’t accept spatial thinking, when we grow older we need to let them go and take on the ideas that are formed by education and experience.

    I think thats what Scott was trying to say – that we are adults and maybe that it’s time to let go of our prejudices and examine things with the eye of someone who’s actually read a book and a newspaper occasionally.

    And for the record, I’ve never paid for sex but I worked my way through college as a Call Boy in Los Angeles. And before anyone gets their back up about it – I was broke, I needed the money and I got to go to places and see things I wouldn’t have otherwise. I have NO regrets about it and don’t think for a minute about the morality of it or the religious belief that I’m going to hell – so what. I did what I did, and if I can’t run for political office because of it then I guess that I’ll live. But I think that you that are passing judgement on ME right now need to take a look at your own life and ask Why am I doing that? Thanks for your time.


  22. Andi says:

    For the rape thing, I seriously doubt that it would help prevent it. These men in particular are looking for a woman who is unwilling because they get their rocks off from that type of thing, and they are sick enough to want to hurt them, even kill them. Sexual frustration has nothing to do with it.

    That being said, another thing about paying for sex. Unless government testing restrictions are put into place, and both buyer and seller have to be tested once a month and show documents saying that they are disease free (which would reduce disease but STILL not stop it), well, it’s like getting a free gift with purchase. No thanks. I’ll stick to my hubby.

  23. dave491 says:

    I definitely agree with your point, JdEB, about taking on the ideas formed by education and experience. But everyone comes to the table with some level of a belief system formed by their experience. It’s a system formed by relational experience (both positive and negative), religious experience (again, both positive and negative), family experience, experience with the world system, political experience — the list goes on and on. You can’t divorce yourself — no matter how many newspapers or books you read — from those experiences. We don’t have the benefit of having Noah Bennett’s Haitian selectively erase our memories.

    I know several people who have been molested as children — many of them view sex as anything but spiritual and they view it as neither simple nor fun. (a view — and experience — very different from most expressed so far here, including my own.) All of them will tell you that it’s affected them deeply — one of them in their late 40’s is just now coming to grips with it. But why has it affected them so negatively if it’s just a fun thing to do? I believe there’s a deep, infecting, emotional aspect to sex that may well be beyond our understanding.

    And yes, I’ve been known to read a book or two and to pick up a newspaper occasionally. 🙂

    Also, I really like your point on passing judgement vs. looking at your own life. Excellent point. We so often give a judgemental finger-wagging to others when we ourselves are knee-deep in quicksand in other areas. And I’ll definitely admit that I’m often guilty of that myself. 😛

  24. JdEB says:

    Okay Dave491 I see your point. My post was added during one of my insomia bouts and I should stop trying to be profound at 3:00 am. I was actually molested as a child, and in fact I was gang-raped by a group of high school boys when I was in the 7th grade BUT…I realized that I didn’t have anything to do with the act, that it was an act of aggression and violence and wasn’t typical of real sex. I did have a time of trying to outdo others in the sack because of it though, and I have a 31 year old 6’3″ reminder of just how stupid you are when you’re 16. I guess that’s why I didn’t hesitate to sell myself for services later on, because I just didn’t see the connection between sexual acts and any kind of morality. Sex is sex, whether it’s being paid for or not.

  25. dave491 says:

    JdEB: Wow. That’s great that you have the ability to understand the separation between the act of agression you experienced and the sex that was a part of it. That’s a realization that unfortunately is difficult for some of my friends that have a similar experience to be able (or sometimes willing) to reconcile. I guess that’s somewhat of a different topic, but it’s damn impressive.

  26. Scott-O-Rama says:

    Just wanted to chime in again. There’s some really excellent comments going on here, and I want to add some things.

    I agree with dave491 that we are a product of our experiences and the values systems with which we’ve had exposure to (parents, religion, etc). That in and of itself is not a bad thing. I am just pointing out that people shouldn’t be afraid to examine their beliefs from time to time.

    In this case I tried to choose a topic that I thought most people would have an opinion on without getting too controversial. The knee-jerk reaction for most people when asked if they would ever pay for sex is ‘no.’ That’s fine. I’m not going to argue with you answer of ‘no,’ but I do want you to be able to explain why you feel that way. Too often when asked why about things I hear the answer "Just because I do." I’m sorry, but if you give me an explanation like that, you’ve just been taken down a peg in my book. It means you either have not or are unwilling to examine your beliefs.

    When I ask someone why they have a particular stance, I am not challenging them on it. I’m asking them to explain it to me so I can understand. I will even respect the an answer like "I feel prostitution is wrong because my religious teachings forbid it. My religion is very important to me so I choose to follow its guidance on this subject." That’s great. You’ve explained to me why you have the stance you do on this topic. I may not agree with you, but I respect the fact that you believe what you do.

    As for legalized prostitution helping to reduce rape: I agree with your comments. Rape is usually about control, dominance, and humiliation than about someone being horny. I do think there might be some situations though where a very horny young man might be less inclined to commit date rape. The cases of date rape in these situations often occur because the young man is already sexually aroused and doesn’t want to stop whereas the girl does. Maybe if the guy knew he could take the girl back home and then go get his rocks off with a sex worker, he would be more likely to respect the girl’s wishes to stop.

    Or maybe not. I’m not an expert here.

  27. […] thought about paying for a hooker? Scott-O-Rama attempts to think it through to its logical conclusion. It’s a good piece whether you agree or […]

  28. dave491 says:

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to have some lively discussion, Scott. (of course, everyone’s passive-aggressively spamming each other’s blogs right now in subtle retaliation…)

    (now, where did I put that virus I was saviing for a rainy day…)

  29. […] So let me direct you to a very interesting and thought provoking post on Scott’s blog, titled Would You Ever Pay for Sex? […]

  30. David says:

    If I had lots of money, I would totally pay for sex. In fact I was “this” close to paying for it on a certain day earlier this week, but was dissuaded by a friend.

    Even in cases of date rape, I don’t think legalizing prostitution would change things. The guy wants to have sex and the girl he’s been making out with for the last four hours decides not too. He’s not going to want to look up a prostitute in the yellow pages, he’s still going to try and force the issue with the girl.

    But getting back to your over-arching point. Yes, it is essential to seek out the underlying reasoning behind any pro- or anti- stance you have. If not, you are simply parroting the standards of others and you have none of your own.

  31. Pat says:

    Interesting post, Scott. Vuboq hit the nail on the head. When it comes to sex, when people want it, they will do what works to get it. For many people, it’s simply a matter of going to the bar, saying the right things, act (or perhaps even genuinely be) interested in conversation. In many cases, one person is buying the drinks for the other, so, in effect, one is paying for the sex. Even if they alternate the drink buying, it’s still a game that many times culminate in sex. I’m not sure why this is much better, or any better than when direct cash exchange is involved. Other people do not have the ability to play the game as well, and need to seek other ways. Despite the subtle distinction in my view, prostitution is still illegal, and don’t recommend that persons seek this alternative at this point. I think it is a better alternative then public sex in parks or in restrooms, and I support legalizing prostitution. In the meantime, how legal is escorting? When you pay an escort, the argument can be made that you are paying for a legal service first, such as paying a companion to go to a show or dinner with you. And gee, if it just so happens that those two have sex afterwards…

    Personally, I have never been paid or paid anyone for sex. Even when I met potential mates, I would try to make sure that we both alternate drink buying, splitting a bill for the date, etc. However, I had considered it. I was kind of late entering the dating scene, and there was a point where I wasn’t sure if I would ever have sex. I didn’t want to die without ever having sex, so I would have paid, legally or not, if that was only way to ever have sex.

    When I am in a situation, such as a bar, and may have been looking for potential mates, I avoid those who feel they are the ones entitled to get all their drinks bought for. Suddenly, any attraction I would have for them would disappear. And one time, I had a conversation with a pretty hot guy, and it looked like there was potential. I then started to get the impression that if we did have sex, he would have expected payment. I decided if it got to that point, and he asked, I would have just said something like, “Oh, actually I was expecting that you were going to pay me.” But it never got to that point, so I never confirmed my suspicions. I do have another rule, and that is I don’t have sex with someone the first time I meet him. I do this not for moral reasons, but for other reasons. Also, as it was suggested, I do see sex more than just the act. I do not have the ability to separate the act from the emotional aspect.

    Scott, you have good reasons for supporting legalization, and I agree with much of it. Dave, legalizing prosititution is not going to cure all the ills with regards to sex. Sure, date rape will still occur, but I can see situations where it could be prevented. A guy wants to have sex. Maybe he would have sought a prostitute if it was legal. But instead, just tries to pick up a woman at the bar, with the expectation of it leading to sex. And further, if they do makeout for a period of time, take that as an asinine absolute entitlement to sex, and will have sex even if it ends up being rape. It may seem like a contradiction since both acts are illegal, but the man may not see date rape as anything wrong, or does, but decides not to stop himself at the point he feels he entitled to sex.

    The only thing is I don’t know what can of worms will be opened if prostitution is legalized nationwide. Government regulation many times tends to make things worse, for example. And of course, there is the moral issue. But again, it seems like there is this arbitrary line of what is moral and immoral when it comes to paying for sex or playing the game to get sex.

  32. Alexander says:

    Some of the best sex I’ve ever had was with um… “masseurs” when I lived in SF. I used to come home and tell my roommate, “Damn! that was the best $85 I ever spent.”

  33. Scott-O-Rama says:


    Only $85??? Did you have a coupon?

  34. wayne says:

    These comments are interesting.
    I liked the one by Ted, when he said ‘I expect to pay for sex in my 50s’. He obviously believes there’s no good free sex after you lose your hot youth. Or when he’s 50, the only people he’ll want to have sex with are in their 20’s or 30’s. Then of course he probably would have to pay for it.
    Well, I’m in my 50’s and still find my self being hit on. But I watch my weight, and exercise. I also am happly partnered for 30 years now.
    But your question……Yes, I would have no problem paying. Because it would then be all about me. But then that’s pretty much what prostitution is. One person getting sexually satisfied with out emotional attachments.

  35. The Hermit says:

    Um, again, I think one of Scott’s main points was not the legalization of prostitution or bottled water, it was, how well thought out are our opinions? When we say “No, that’s WRONG” do we in fact have a reason, or a thought process, or anything behind that opinion other than “I was taught that….” Unquestioned ethics and moral rules do no one any favors. It’s kind of like when I was buying property out here in the middle of nowhere. People said, oh, no, don’t buy it. There’s no power and there’s no phone lines. A valid concern even 10 years ago. But today I live totally off-grid, I have satellite internet, and I have a cellphone. And if I hadn’t questioned the premise of the advice not to buy, I would never have dreamed it, and I would never have built it.

    Excellent job of provoking thought, Scott… Thanks!

  36. dr.xnlb says:

    Yes I would pay for it – but haven’t yet. And it would have to be the ‘premium sex’ that you’re describing. In other words – we’re talking Nevada or Amsterdam – with clean, tested, trained, and legal sex workers. Would it be enjoyable? I sure has hell think it would – based on anecdotes of those people that I know that have done it, the ‘Cathouse’ series that was on HBO (a documentary of one of the brothels in Nevada), and the fact that I can get all really really kinky shit my wife just doesn’t go for.

    And like many said above, I think that prosecuting victimless crimes such as prostitution and drug use are wastes of money and resources, and essentially amount to legislating for morality (one-size-does-not-fit-all people!) and are essentially a cop out on addressing our social ills (in the case of irresponsible excess).

  37. nick says:

    yes i would i don’t care what other people think its difficult for some of us guys to get a girlfriend


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