Bush Isn’t Going To Spy On Us!

As I mentioned earlier after writing my post "Let’s Pretend," I was accused by some neocons of being a tinfoil hat-wearing paranoid freak.  I can assure you that I do not wear a tinfoil hat.

I cannot, however, speak for all the members of my household:



(Please excuse the blurriness and poor quality of the photos.  They were taken with a cameraphone, and getting the pets to sit still tested my fragile grip on sanity to its limit.)

19 Responses to Bush Isn’t Going To Spy On Us!

  1. Mario says:

    You forgot the disclaimer about no animals being harmed in the taking of your pictures. Fortunately, embarrassment doesn’t technically count as “harm”.

  2. My god, they’re the cutest little tin foil hat conspirators ever!

  3. JdEB says:

    Their faces say it all…”What have I done to make Scott mad? I will poop in his shoes later.”

  4. Joel says:

    I love the way Karter is wearing his at a jaunty angle. Must remain fashionably paranoid!

  5. Jason says:

    lol. that’s too cute. They a look a little stunned🙂

  6. DWQ Online says:

    That is just too adorable.

  7. marko says:

    I wish I were there to see and hear you put this together. I bet you laughed your asses off!

  8. Kiss My Mike says:

    we still want evidence that you’re not!🙂

  9. Scott-O-Rama says:


    VERY true. They have been avoiding me ever since.


    Yes… That’s it. Not because Karter was too hyperactive to sit still.😉


    Stunned? I think terrified was more like it.

    And you thought Michael Vick was cruel to animals!


    Buckaroo was at work at the time. I had to look up how to make paper hats on the Internet. I made one for each of them in different sizes. I hoped to get a group shot, but there was NO way on earth that was happening.

    Buckaroo laughed his ass off when he got home and saw the pictures, but the pets have been avoiding me ever since.


    As I mentioned in a previous post, tinfoil clashes with my skin tone and I’m gay. You know I would never wear something that would make me look bad!

  10. otilius says:

    you saying that there’s something wrong with my tin foil hat? well, aluminum foil, actually, with the No Stick® side…

  11. Heather says:

    Good golly! Baily has this look on his face like he wants to hypnotise everyone.

    Loooook eento my eyes…

    Bring meee cheeekin jerrrkyyyy…

    Just no from walmart.

  12. Howard says:

    Hahaha! It’s like Signs for dogs.

  13. dave491 says:

    Awesome. 🙂 Funny stuff.

    Reynolds Wrap is the new pet haute couture.

  14. Andy says:

    Haha. Don’t let the aliens read their thoughts!

  15. BOSSY says:

    Fragile Grip on Sanity? Where can Bossy buy one of those?

  16. dawei says:

    Does the term “fashion victim” mean anything to you or your pets?

  17. Maddog says:

    You have WAY too much time on your hands. Besides, I really don’t think you are that far off in your “lets pretend” series. It scares the fuck out of me.

  18. David says:

    Best. Post. Ever.

  19. Gil says:

    Ok Scott, you definately have WAYYYYYY too much time on your hands!! lol
    But I do agree they have that look on their faces that say “What did I do to deserve this humiliation?”

    No way I’m trying that with any of our 5 kids!



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