The Do-Nothing Congress and Rovemort

There is a lot of dissatisfaction out there with the newly-elected Democratic-majority Congress right now for not having taking more action since they came to term in January.  While some of the criticism may be deserved, there are darker powers at play.

Cloture VotesIn an effort to undermine the Democrats at the next election, the Republicans have adopted a "block & blame" strategy.  Basically the Republicans are blocking all legislation in Congress through the use of filibusters (extended debate) and Bush vetoes.  By not letting the Democrats get any legislation passed this term, the Republicans plan to paint them as a "do nothing" Congress come election time.

As of July 23rd, there were 40 cloture votes (invoked to stop a filibuster) in the Senate.  At this rate, it is projected that there will be 140 cloture votes by the end of this congressional term.  As you can see by the chart to the left (click on chart for larger view), not even during the turbulent times of civil rights legislation were there a need for so many cloture votes in one session.  The Republicans are hoping the America won’t notice how they are filibustering, but the numbers make their tactics very clear.

I have a question for the Republicans: how in any way is this good for America? 

Some legislation that many Republicans are for, such as SCHIP bill that would give 6 million children health insurance, is being vetoed by Bush.  Cynical thinkers believe that the Republicans went ahead and voted for the legislation so that they could tout that come election time while knowing full well Bush planned to veto the bill.  The Democrats currently do not have enough votes to override a veto.

It is partisan politics like this that is tearing America apart.  I’m not saying that the Democrats don’t do it to, but rarely have I seen such blatant tactics being used with no regards to what is best for America.

I’m not the only one upset about this.  Jason Alexander (of "Seinfeld" fame) starred in the following video for the organization Campaign for America’s Future in order to help make Americans aware of the dirty games the Republicans are playing.

P.S. Weren’t the Republicans the ones who wanted to do away with the filibuster just a year or two back?

3 Responses to The Do-Nothing Congress and Rovemort

  1. Tim says:

    Excellent Points! Thanks Scott

  2. RcktMan says:

    And this is why I don’t wax political on my blog anymore — unless I am REALLY pissed about something. You just seem to have the ‘inside scoop’ somehow.🙂 Thanks for pointing this out. I thought there were an awful lot of filibusters and vetoes.. .but this really brings it into the light much better.

  3. but rarely have I seen such blatant tactics being used with no regards to what is best for America.

    Where were you during the Daschle obstruction years?

    First of all, as far as Republicans doing “away with filibusters”, I believe the issue at hand was judicial nominations and the libs were hell bent on obstructing many a well qualified candidate.

    Second, as far as SCHIP is concerned, Bush and Republicans supports the program in it’s current form. However, the libs want to expand it to include people who make 400% over the poverty line and increase the age of “children” to 25. Therefore, if you’re 25 and make just under $86,000 a year and can afford health insurance, you can drop it and go for the free coverage. Meanwhile actual poor children who need the free health insurance are crowded out by those who don’t. Can you justify that for us please?

    As far as the video goes, I give it a B for creativity, however, I give it an F- for accuracy. It’s absurd and disingenious on every point. But then I wouldn’t expect much else about liberal propaganda.

    BTW, how does passing bad legislation pandering to unions and trial lawyers benefit Americans?


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