An Open Letter to Mark Foley

Okay… the news and the Internet has been buzzing about the Rep. Foley scandal.  Everybody who is anybody has been putting their 2¢ worth in on their blogs and discussion boards.  That’s precisely why I’ve held my tongue… until now.

I’ve got to get this off my chest.

An Open Letter to Mr Mark Foley (as you are no longer Rep. Mark Foley):

So your little secret is out, and now you have become the kingpin of hypocrisy in America today.  You paraded around on the campaign trail as a crusader for protecting children from Internet sexual predators while you yourself were soliciting underage boys for Internet sex.  Apparently your values were so conflicted that you even interrupted a vote on the floor of the House in 2003 to engage in Internet sex with a high school student.  Your lack of professionalism and pedophilia tendencies are extremely inappropriate and rightfully have cost you your job and quite possibly your freedom.

While I find the way in which you conducted yourself disgusting, it is your behavior now that the cat is out of the bag that is truly appalling.  When the story broke, you immediately resigned your position as Congressman.  That has been the only respectable thing you’ve done.  Since then however you and your team of lawyers, as well as your fellow members of the GOP, have pointed fingers and tried to blame everything and everyone for your actions but you.

I expected the Republicans to point fingers at the Democrats and say that they are playing this for political purposes.  I hate to say it, but yes, the Democrats probably are, but that’s politics and they are ugly.  Politics aside, no one made you partake in sexually-explicit chats with minorsYou and you alone are guilty of that.  If the Democrats are using this to win an election, you should feel ashamed that you gave them that opportunity and put your own party at risk.  And shame to anyone, and I mean anyone – Democrat or Republican- who sat on your secret without taking action before now.

More disturbing though is the way you are trying to excuse your actions by attaching yourself to different groups.  The story was not even 24-hours old before it was announced that you were seeking treatment for alcoholism.  The people who seem to know you say that your "alcoholism" is a ruse; they hardly ever saw you drink.  Did you and your spin machine float this story out there as an explanation for your actions?  Are you trying to imply that alcohol made you a pedophile?  Alcohol may do many things, but I doubt you could prove it creates sexual urges that aren’t already there.

Today I’m reading in the news that you claim to have been molested by a clergyman as a teenager.  In what way does this explain your actions with those young boys?  You have done a huge disservice to those victims of molestation who are leading normal lives today.  You have implied that because you were abused, you abused others.  Do you somehow think that makes it okay, or were you merely looking for sympathy for your current situation?  Thousands (millions?) of kids are sexually-abused by adults each year, but when they grow up, they don’t continue the chain of abuse.  If they can overcome it, you could have to.  You should have sought out the help and counseling you needed, but you didn’t.

Lastly, you are now claiming (through your lawyers) that you are gaySo what?  I’m gay, but I have never stalked minors online.  No Mr. Foley, you are a pedophile.  Own up to that first before you claim to be gay or anything else.  As a gay man, I am especially outraged that your "confession" has blurred the lines of homosexuality and pedophilia in the minds of the American public.  If you are gay so be it, but that is immaterial to the fact that you are first and foremost a pedophile.  You don’t represent gay men, so don’t be sending out press statements announcing you’re gay as though that is tied to your actions.  We don’t want and we don’t need you on our team.

I am sure that in the coming days there will be more revelations about your activities and lies that will show what a truly despicable person you are.  Already there are reports coming in casting doubt on your claims that you have never had sex with a minor.  Do us all a favor though and stop passing the buck.  You did it; now own up to it and go seek the professional counseling you so desperately need.

23 Responses to An Open Letter to Mark Foley

  1. panthera says:

    Scott, you hit the nail on the head. And, yes, we are definitely going to be back fighting the pedophilia s*** thanks to this man.
    The christianists are bound to exploit it, once they figure out a spin.
    The most disturbing thing to me, however, is the harm this predatory life-form may have done to children and certainly did to young adults. Just because these boys were “of age” in D.C. doesn’t excuse his behavior.

  2. Shelli says:

    First let me say that I am here via BOTB. I read your top, sticky post and didn’t feel I should comment there, so I read this post to comment on it and the one above.

    WOW! That was extremely well written. I was thinking as I read the top post that a lot of the general public has the misconception that all homosexual males are pedophiles and that I am sure that Mark Foley just helped to blur those lines further. Then I read this post and saw that you wrote almost exactly what I was thinking. Great minds and all that… Then I thought about how ridiculous it is that he said he was homosexual as part of his reasoning that he was seeking out children. That would be like the female teachers who were caught seducing their male students saying, “well, I am heterosexual.” Maybe it isn’t the same, but it is no less ridiculous. And then the alcohol thing…absurd.

    In any case, you did a very good job writing both this and the last entry. I will be back. I will vote for you.

  3. DWQ Online says:

    Could not have said it better myself. Excellent job.🙂

  4. EddieZ says:

    Here here my friend. I was going to write about the same thing, but instead I am going to link to this post since you said it so well.

  5. Kevin says:

    Yes it is a political nuclear bomb and if the Democrats keep on it, they can use this to their advantage.

    But let’s talk amongst friends (the LGBT community) here. Am I the only 15 year old that actively pursued older men to have sex with on AOL, in bookstores, etc.? Yes Mark broke a law and got caught. But have you read the E-mails? This boy was actively involved in the sexual pursuits. If this happened in another country it would be “Rep. involved with young man” (Age of consent 16 in Europe). Instead of “Mark Foley Pedophile”.

  6. julie says:

    but it didn’t happen in europe, it happened here which makes it against the law

  7. Hays says:

    I agree entirely with this post and the comments. It is a sad fact that many ignorant people equate homosexuality with pedophilia. I look forward to (but won’t hold my breath waiting on) a respected “mainstream” voice of reason speaking out on this gross misconception and forcing the public to at least consider the facts – Laura Bush, Oprah, Katie Couric ???
    The comment by Julie is dead on too, especially since the hypocrite Foley posed as straight and legislated against the very actions with which he got his jollies.

  8. Darry says:


  9. Jeff says:

    Quite simply, well said Scott!

  10. Jon says:

    Well said Scott… The thing that angers me so is the fact that he is perpetuating the myth that all gay men are pedophiles. We hear it constantly in the South as we try to fight legislation that would restrict us from being foster or adoptive parents. And unfortunately, we’ll now hear it again this legislative season, thanks to Foley and his complete disregard for the very people with which he pretends to identify.

    So I say, “Thanks for telling us you’re gay, Foley. BUT WE DON’T WANT YOU THIS WAY. You are a disgrace to the blood, sweat and tears we have shed to come this far. May you wallow in your public shame until you have the balls to admit your crimes and take responsibility for them. THEN, and only then, may you seek to identify with a group of people that takes pride in their orientation, their accomplishments and their families.”

  11. Liberty Lover says:

    Pedophiles pursue CHILDREN. A 16-year-old is not a child. A minor, yes, but not a child. In many places the age of consent is 16. 16-year-olds can drive. Children cannot drive. 16-year-olds are only two years away from voting, being able to marry, etc. (including, at one time, being able to legally consume alcohol). In some places 16-year-olds can marry.
    Please, stop this “pedophile” nonsense.

  12. Thor says:

    Thank you, Liberty Lover, that’s just what I was going to say. The man is a pederast, but he’s not a pedophile. Pedophiles like sex with prepubescent boys, and 16 is hardly prepubescent.

  13. Scott says:

    Some of you are questioning my use of the term pedophile here. I thought I should address that.

    While the clinical definition of pedophile may specify a specific age range of the victims, I use the term in a broader sense here. Regardless of how you define pedophile, Rep. Foley engaged in inappropriate behavior. He took advantage of his position as Congressman and at minimum, sexually harassed at least one underage boy. Please don’t give me the age 16 is legal consent argument. We don’t know where the boy lived at the time of the communications, so its hard to say what laws apply. Regardless, Foley should have known better.

    As for Kevin’s comment about a horny teenage boy soliciting for older guys on the Internet, I have two responses. Read the IM exchange between Foley and the boy. It is very clear Foley is initiating most of the sex talk. Secondly, just because a teenager wants to do something does not make it right. We as adults should know better than to allow a teenager their every whim. As an elected official, Foley should have known better.

    I stand by my original argument that what Foley did was predatory and wrong. Getting into debates over semantics and technicalities distract us from the real issue: as a Congressman and an adult in general, Foley acted in a way that was improper and possibly illegal.

  14. Matt says:

    Perfect letter. Make it genuinely open – every frickin newspaper and news org, as well as Foley himself, should get a copy on the doorstep.

  15. Jon says:

    There’s another point here that’s not being discussed. IF a large segment of America and it’s leaders wouldn’t equate being gay with being “immoral,” officials like Foley wouldn’t have to be closeted in the first place. Believe me, I’m not making excuses for him, but I know of people who, while denying their orientation, have been so desperate for the romantic/sexual relationship they desire that they make STUPID mistakes, including going after a minor. Yet, if they were simply allowed to be WHO they are, they might have had a better chance for a healthy relationship.

  16. Alexander says:

    Excellent post, Scott. Better said than I could ever hope to. You should rework it slightly and send copies of it to our asshat senators and representatives (Kyl and Hayworth must GO!!!) asking them if they approve of Foley’s behavior.

  17. Denny says:

    amen brother.

    very well-written and my sentiments exactly.

  18. NotWaff says:

    Who would ever think that the sexual antics of a gay politician would be spin into a political attack on the Republican Party? The reality is that Foley does not represent Republicans – he represents the gays. Gay organizations encourage young teens to be sexually active and to experiment with gay sex, even with older men. Gay literature encourages and glamorizes gay sex between teens and older men. Gay organizations lobby to redefine the “age of consent” so gay men can be having sex with younger teens. Yes, Mark Foley represents a bigger problem – the sexploitation of our young by the gay agenda.

  19. Kip says:

    Come on Marky boy. Why drag someone from the past in on this? So he fondeled you did he? That’s what all catholics seem to do! Is that an excuse for your behavior? I say most certainly not. You are responsible for your own actions. Live up to what you’ve done you coward. You don’t need therapy, you need a reality check. You need to suffer what you preach.

  20. Chakra says:

    While Mark Foley can certainly be considered a vile, despicable, sexual predator but he is not a pedophile. Mark Foley pursued (post-pubescent and decidedly male) young men and that would make him a pederast, not a pedophile. In fact, since the age of consent in D.C. is sixteen, he couldn’t even be prosecuted for his actions. The truth is, that Mark Foley is a gay man. A sadly immature person but a gay man nonetheless.

    Contrary to popular belief, the American public is not stupid. When a gay man pursues another male then that is viewed as a homosexual endeavor. The gay community is doing itself a disservice to insist otherwise. It only makes that community seem duplicitious. I don’t recall anyone making a fuss about Rep. Stubbs when he had a sexual relationship with a seventeen year old page. A much wiser course would be to condemn Mark Foley’s actions in no uncertain terms and acknowledge that there are men, both straight and gay, who display inappropriate desires towards children and young people. Until the gay community comes clean about this reality then the public will never be able to trust the judgement of people who seem to be only concerned about their imagine, regardless of the facts.


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